ATS-Friendly Lawyer Resume Templates For 2023

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It’s critical that, as a lawyer, you modify your resume to match the shifting needs of legal industry employers. You need to create a captivating resume that effectively showcases your skills, experiences, and achievements. The competition in the legal world is fierce.

However, with a compelling resume in your possession, you can greatly improve your chances of securing your desired legal job and advancing your career.

This article provides valuable insights and resources for Lawyers Resume to create an impressive legal resume. With these templates, you can enhance your resume’s appeal and position yourself as a top candidate for legal positions in the current job market.

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Lawyer Resume Design Samples

Lawyer Resume Sample (Plain Text)

Amrita Gandhi

Professional Summary

A highly accomplished and experienced lawyer with 8 years of legal expertise and a proven track record of success. Strong expertise in legal research, writing persuasive briefs, and negotiating favorable settlements. Seeking a challenging position as a dispute resolution lawyer in a reputable law firm to leverage my skills, knowledge, and extensive courtroom experience to provide exceptional legal representation and strategic counsel.

Professional Experience

AZB & Partners
Senior Lawyer
Pune, MH
May 2015 – Present


  • Represented clients in civil cases, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of legal principles, procedures, and statutes.
  • Conducted extensive legal research, drafting legal briefs, memoranda, and other legal documents to support cases.
  • Prepared and conducted depositions, examinations, and cross-examinations of witnesses.
  • Collaborated with colleagues and experts to develop case strategies and achieve successful outcomes.
  • Managed a caseload of 30 cases, ensuring adherence to deadlines and maintaining strong client relationships.
  • Conducted legal due diligence and contract reviews for corporate clients.
  • Mentored junior associates, providing guidance and support in their professional development.

Notable Achievements

  • Secured multiple favorable verdicts and settlements, resulting in substantial monetary awards for clients.
  • Recognized for exceptional negotiation skills, successfully resolving complex disputes out of court.
  • Received commendation from clients for providing excellent legal representation and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Actively contributed to firm-wide initiatives, serving on committees and participating in community outreach programs.


ILS Law College, MH
Graduated – Dec 2014


  • Strong litigation and courtroom advocacy skills
  • Extensive knowledge of Dispute Resolution
  • Legal research and writing expertise
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Client relationship management
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Proficient in legal software and research tools

Professional Affiliations

Pune Bar Association

Entry-Level Lawyer Resume Sample ( Plain Text)

Sagar Bahl


Highly driven Law graduate seeking an entry-level position as a lawyer, utilizing strong academic achievements and a passion for delivering exceptional legal services. Committed to upholding ethical standards, providing comprehensive legal support, and making a significant contribution to a reputable law firm.


Bachelor of Law
Madras Law School, TN
Graduated – May 2022

Relevant Coursework: Contracts Law, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Legal Writing and Research, Administrative Law

Legal Experience

Y Not Law Firm
Chennai, TN
Aug 2022 – Present


  • Helped lawyers with case management, document preparation, and legal research for a range of practice areas.
  • Prepared memoranda and briefs after doing in-depth legal research utilizing online resources.
  • Created legal papers, such as motions, settlement agreements, and contracts.
  • Participated in client meetings, hearings, and depositions to watch courtroom action and acquire experience.


  • Strong legal research and writing skills.
  • Proficient in legal research tools, including Westlaw and LexisNexis.
  • Attention to detail and analytical thinking.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Case management and organization.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team.

Tips To Write An Engaging Lawyer Resume

  • Customize your resume for each specific job application. Highlight the relevant skills and experiences important for the job in your resume to demonstrate your fit for the position.
  • Start your resume with a short and compelling summary or objective. Those all must sum up your professional experience, skills, and career objectives.
  • Instead of just listing your job responsibilities, focus on showcasing your achievements and the impact you have made in your previous roles.
  • Use quantifiable metrics whenever possible to demonstrate the results you achieved.
  • Emphasize the specific skills that are relevant to the legal field and the position you are applying for.
  • Highlight your legal education, including your law degree and any prestigious law schools you attended.
  • Include memberships in professional organizations, such as bar associations or legal societies.
  • If you have any additional certifications or specialized certifications, then be sure to include them on your resume.

Resume Writing Tips for Entry-Level Lawyer Resume

Write a compelling objective statement: Begin your resume with a concise objective statement that highlights your career goals and emphasizes your enthusiasm for the legal field. Tailor it to the specific job or practice area you’re applying for.

Highlight your education: List your law degree, the name of your law school, and the year of graduation. Include any honors, awards, or relevant coursework that showcases your legal knowledge and academic achievements.

Showcase relevant skills: Identify the key skills required for the job and highlight them in a dedicated skills section. Include skills such as legal research, writing, negotiation, client communication, case analysis, and attention to detail.

Include legal internships and work experience: Highlight any legal internships, clerkships, or part-time positions you’ve held during law school or after graduation.

Focus on achievements: In each work experience bullet point, showcase your achievements and contributions rather than just listing your responsibilities. Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, such as successful cases, settlements, or notable projects.

Highlight relevant coursework and projects: If you lack extensive legal experience, emphasize relevant coursework or academic projects that showcase your understanding of specific areas of law or your ability to apply legal principles in real-world scenarios.

Showcase your legal research and writing skills: As a lawyer, strong research and writing abilities are essential. Highlight any legal research or writing projects you’ve completed.

Demonstrate leadership and involvement: Include any leadership roles or involvement in law school organizations, moot court competitions, legal clinics, or pro bono activities.

Section-Wise Resume Writing Tips

Follow the below-given tips for each resume section.

How To Write The Contact Information Section?

Include all of your essential contact information in this part to make it simple to get in touch with you.

The format to write this section is as follows:

  • Your full name
  • Professional email address
  • Phone number
  • Your LinkedIn profile URL.

Tips To Write Resume Summary Or Objective Lawyer Resume With Examples

  • Create a summary or objective that is particular to the position you’re looking for. Emphasize your relevant expertise and skills that are pertinent to the position you’re applying for.
  • Keep your objective or summary succinct and to the point. Try putting your most important credentials and professional objectives into a few phrases or bullet points.
  • Be sure to highlight your legal expertise and essential competencies. Emphasize your success history, track record of achievement, and any specialized knowledge or credentials you may have.
  • Mention any noteworthy accomplishments, such as winning legal cases, receiving honors, or making contributions to legal periodicals.
  • To illustrate your abilities and experiences, use precise language and real-world examples. When feasible, present quantitative findings rather than ambiguous assertions.

Correct Example of a Lawyer Resume Summary

“Results-driven lawyer with 7 years of experience specializing in civil litigation. Proven track record of successfully representing clients in high-stakes cases, securing favorable settlements, and winning complex trials. Skilled in legal research, persuasive oral arguments, and meticulous case preparation. Committed to providing exceptional client service and achieving optimal outcomes.”

Incorrect Example of a Lawyer Resume Summary

“Lawyer with experience in various legal areas. Strong communicator and team player. Seeking a challenging position in a reputable law firm to further my career.”

Correct Example of Lawyer Resume Objective

“Ambitious law school graduate with a strong academic background and a passion for environmental law. Seeking an entry-level position at a reputable law firm specializing in environmental law to apply my knowledge, research skills, and dedication to sustainability. Committed to advocating for environmental justice and providing excellent legal counsel to clients.”

Incorrect Example of a Lawyer Resume Objective

“Looking for a job as a lawyer in any law firm where I can gain experience and advance my career.”

Quantifying Your Work Experience on a Lawyer Resume

When measuring your professional experience, it’s critical to give accurate and correct facts.

  • Include exact percentages or statistics wherever you can to support your arguments.
  • Mention the size or value of any noteworthy instances or transactions you have worked on to give context to your work and demonstrate its complexity.
  • To demonstrate the scope and depth of your experience, quantify the number of clients or parties you worked with.
  • Draw attention to your work’s successful outcomes, effective solutions, or demonstrable effects.
  • Calculate the time or efficiency gains you have made at work.
  • Use client comments or satisfaction scores to rate the caliber of your work.
  • Describe how much you contributed to group initiatives or team activities.

Correct Example

SG  Law Firm


Hyderabad, TG

Mar – 2020 – Present


  • Served as the team leader for a group of five associates in a high-profile litigation action that produced a favorable result for the client.
  • Successfully settled 95% of personal injury claims resulting in an average compensation increase of 25% compared to industry norms.
  • Conducted talks and produced contracts for business deals with up to ten parties.

Incorrect Example

Attorney at a law firm in Hyderabad

  • Successfully managed instances involving personal injuries.
  • Performed due diligence on a range of merger and acquisition deals.
  • Prepared business contracts and provided regulatory compliance advice to a range of clients.

How To Write Skills For Lawyer Resume?

  • Determine the essential qualifications or abilities listed in the job description or specifications for the position you’re applying for.
  • On your resume, highlight your pertinent skills in a section devoted to them.
  • Choose from your skill set the ones that most closely match the job’s needs.
  • Include a blend of hard and soft abilities to demonstrate your legal knowledge and your people skills.
  • Use action verbs to give your descriptions of your skills and accomplishments more life and impact.

Common Key Skills

  1. Legal Research
  2. Legal Writing
  3. Case Management
  4. Client Counseling
  5. Legal Analysis
  6. Advocacy
  7. Dispute Resolution

List of Hard Skills

  • Contract Law
  • Legal Research Software (e.g., Westlaw, LexisNexis)
  • Trial Preparation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • E-Discovery
  • Due Diligence

List of Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Negotiation
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Client Service

Adding Other Sections To Make A Constructive Resume

Certifications and Licenses: Include a section in your resume that lists any qualifications, licenses, or bar admissions that are pertinent to your legal practice. State bar admissions, specialized certificates (such as Certified Specialist in Criminal Law), and certifications unique to a given sector are examples of this.
Presentations and publications: Make a section to highlight your academic accomplishments or public speaking engagements if you have written legal journals or articles or spoken at conferences or seminars.
Professional Memberships: Memberships in professional legal organizations, such as bar associations or legal societies, should be noted on your resume.
Languages: Being able to speak other languages well can be useful, particularly in multicultural or multinational legal contexts.
Technical Skills: If you have any specialized software or technical skills that are important to the legal industry, such as knowledge of document management systems, e-discovery tools, or legal research databases, emphasize these in a separate area.
Continuing Education: Include a section in which you discuss any applicable continuing legal education (CLE) classes, workshops, or seminars you have taken to keep current with the law and build your skills.

Writing A Cover Letters For A Lawyer Resume

  • Emphasize how your qualifications, experience, and skills meet the needs of the post. A generic cover letter that does not speak to the employer’s particular needs should not be used.
  • Mention the position for which you are applying and briefly discuss your reasons for being interested in the position or the company. Please briefly describe your most important qualifications.
  • Give concrete instances of how your abilities and experience make you a great candidate in the body of the cover letter.
  • Show that you are aware of the demands of the employer and how you can help them achieve their objectives.
  • Showcase your skills to effectively and convincingly communicate ideas in your cover letter. Avoid using jargon or too sophisticated terminology while writing professionally.
  • Stay away from lengthy paragraphs and extraneous information. To make it simple for the reader to skim and underline significant ideas, use bullet points or brief paragraphs.
  • To ensure there are no grammatical or spelling issues, thoroughly review your cover letter.
  • Your cover letter should conclude with a strong closing paragraph.
  • Maintain a formal tone throughout your cover letter and adhere to the rules for business letters.