ATS-Friendly Police Officer Resume Templates For 2023

Download Free Police Officer Resume Templates in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and Google Docs with resume tips and examples for each section in 2023.

Law enforcement position is a dynamic and demanding field. You have to showcase your ability to handle stressful situations and your physical fitness. A well-crafted and effective resume is crucial for police officers seeking new opportunities and career advancement.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to create an impactful police officer resume that highlights your skills, experiences, and qualifications, increasing your chances of landing your desired position. You may improve the attractiveness of your resume using these templates, positioning yourself as a top applicant for law enforcement in the current job market.

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Entry-Level Police Officer Resume

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Police Officer Resume Design Sample

Police Officer Resume Sample (Plain Text)

Daniel Styles
Police Officer – Level 3


Dedicated police officer with nine years of experience and a proven track record in ensuring public safety, enforcing laws, and maintaining order. Extensive knowledge of law enforcement principles, practices, and procedures. Extensive knowledge of law enforcement principles, practices, and procedures. Seeking a challenging position where I can utilize my skills, experience, and commitment to serve and protect the community.

Professional Experience:

Alton Police Department
Police Officer
Alton, Texas
March 2015 – Present


  • Conduct regular patrols in assigned areas to prevent and detect crime, enforce laws, and maintain public safety.
  • Respond to emergency calls and provide immediate assistance to individuals in distress.
  • Investigate crimes, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and prepare detailed reports.
  • Arrest suspects, process paperwork, and testify in court as necessary.
  • Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to coordinate investigations and share information.
  • Participate in community outreach programs, engage with residents, and educate the public on crime prevention strategies.
  • Provide support and guidance to junior officers, assisting in their training and development.
  • Stay updated on new laws, regulations, and law enforcement techniques through continuous professional development.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Texas State University, TX
Graduated: May 2013


  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Prevention
  • Emergency Response
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Crisis Management
  • Community Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving


  • Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Defensive Tactics Training Certification
  • Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Certification

Entry-Level Police Officer Resume Sample ( Plain Text)

Emily Johnson
Cadet Officer


Highly motivated and dedicated individual seeking an entry-level position as a police officer. Committed to upholding the law, ensuring public safety, and making a positive impact on the community.


Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
California State University, CA
Graduated: Dec 2023

Relevant Coursework:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement Procedures
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Constitutional Law
  • Community Policing


  • Knowledge of law enforcement principles and procedures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to remain calm and composed in high-pressure situations
  • Attention to detail and strong observational skills
  • Proficient in using standard office software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Physical fitness and stamina for demanding tasks
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment


Los Angeles, CA
May 2022 – April 2023


  • Assisted senior officers with patrols and traffic control.
  • Observed and learned proper protocols for evidence handling and report writing.
  • Participated in ride-along to gain practical experience in law enforcement activities.
  • Attended briefings and training sessions to enhance knowledge of law enforcement practices.
  • Assisted in community outreach programs and events organized by the police department.

Volunteer Experience:

Community Safety Patrol Volunteer
Los Angeles Neighborhood Watch Program
September 2021 – June 2022


  • Patrolled designated areas to deter criminal activity and maintain a visible presence.
  • Assisted residents with safety concerns and reported suspicious activities to the local authorities.
  • Participated in community meetings to discuss crime prevention strategies and promote neighborhood safety.


  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Basic Self-Defense Training Certification

Tips To Write A Strong Police Officer Resume

Begin with a Strong Objective Statement or Summary

Write a concise and compelling objective statement or summary that showcases your career goals and highlights your essential qualifications. Tailor it to the position you are applying for, demonstrating your passion for law enforcement and commitment to public safety.

Highlight Your Professional Experience

Emphasize your expertise in areas such as crime prevention, investigations, community policing, and law enforcement techniques. Use action verbs to convey your accomplishments and impact.

Showcase Your Skills

Create a dedicated skills section that includes both technical and soft skills relevant to law enforcement. Include skills and provide specific examples or achievements that demonstrate your proficiency in those areas.

Include Relevant Education and Training

List your educational background. Highlight any additional professional development or specialized courses that are relevant to the position.

Demonstrate Community Involvement and Achievements

Highlight any community engagement activities, volunteer work, or special assignments that showcase your dedication to public service. Include any commendations, awards, or recognitions you have received for your contributions to the field.

Entry-Level Police Officer Resume Writing Tips

Start with a powerful summary or objective statement

Use a succinct summary or objective statement that highlights your love for public service and dedication to upholding law and order at the start of your resume.

Describe your training and credentials

Emphasize your education and any applicable certificates or training you have acquired because you may have minimal job experience.

Display your transferrable skills

You probably have transferrable skills from past experiences, even if you have never worked as a police officer before.

Include any relevant volunteer or internship experience

Be careful to include any voluntary work or internships you’ve done in fields like law enforcement or public service.

Put a focus on your personal qualities and physical fitness

Highlight any athletic accomplishments, involvement in sports teams, or fitness initiatives.

Include a cover letter that looks professional

Consider providing a strong cover letter with your resume. Use the cover letter to elaborate on pertinent skills and experiences and to explain why you are interested in a career in law enforcement.

Section-Wise Resume Writing Tips

Follow the below-given tips for each resume section.

Writing The Contact Information Section

  • Begin by prominently displaying your full name at the top of the resume. Use a slightly larger font size to make it stand out.
  • Right below your name, mention your professional title as a police officer.
  • Include a professional and reliable phone number where employers can reach you.
  • Provide an email address that looks professional and appropriate for job applications.  Avoid using unprofessional or personal email addresses.
  • If you have a well-maintained and professional LinkedIn profile, you can include the URL of your profile in this section.

How To Write A Professional Summary For Police Officer Resume?

  • Begin the summary by emphasizing your expertise and areas of specialization within law enforcement.
  • Mention the key skills and attributes that make you an outstanding police officer.
  • Include the number of years of experience you have as a police officer to establish credibility and demonstrate your level of expertise.
  • Include quantifiable achievements wherever possible or notable contributions you have made in your career.
  • Express your dedication to serving the community and maintaining law and order.

Correct Example

“Experienced police officer with 8+ years of service, specializing in community policing, crime prevention, investigations, and firearms handling. Skilled in building community relationships, implementing crime reduction strategies, and delivering successful investigations. Committed to public safety and upholding law enforcement standards.”

Incorrect Example

“Police officer with eight years of experience committed to public safety and upholding law enforcement standards.”

Writing A Police Office Resume Objective

  • Customize your objective statement to align with the requirements and responsibilities of the position you’re applying for.
  • Mention specific achievements or responsibilities that demonstrate your skills and accomplishments.
  • Focus on skills that make you stand out as a strong candidate.
  • Mention your commitment to public safety, crime reduction, and building positive relationships with community members.

Correct Example 

“Highly motivated and dedicated police officer with 8 years of experience in law enforcement, seeking a challenging role to serve and protect the community. Committed to maintaining public safety, reducing crime rates, and fostering positive community relations. Adept at maintaining composure in high-pressure situations and applying problem-solving skills to resolve complex incidents. Seeking to leverage my skills and expertise to contribute to a progressive law enforcement agency.”

Incorrect Example

“Looking for a job as a police officer. I have worked in law enforcement for a while and want to continue doing the same. I hope to find a position where I can serve the community and make a difference.”

How To Showcase Work Experience On A Police Officer Resume?

  • Clearly state your job title and the organization you worked for, providing context for your experience.
  • List your specific tasks, responsibilities, and achievements for each position. Use bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • Emphasize the skills you’ve acquired during your work experience. Additionally, showcase any notable achievements or awards you’ve received.
  • Include specific numbers and percentages to illustrate the scope and scale of your achievements.
  • Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb to convey a sense of accomplishment and proactivity.

Correct Example:

Camden Police Department
Police Officer
Camden Town, UK
Sept 2022 – Present

  • Conducted routine patrols to deter criminal activity and respond to emergency calls.
  • Investigated crimes, collected evidence, and prepared detailed reports for court proceedings.
  • Assisted in the arrest and processing of suspects, ensuring adherence to legal procedures.
  • Collaborated with community members and local organizations to develop crime prevention initiatives.
  • Trained and mentored new officers, guiding departmental policies and procedures.

Notable Achievements:

  • Received the Officer of the Year Award for exemplary performance and dedication to duty.
  • Successfully resolved a high-profile burglary case, resulting in the recovery of stolen property worth $100,000.

Incorrect Example:

Police Officer Camden Police Department

  • Patrolled the streets and responded to calls.
  • Investigated crimes and wrote reports.
  • Arrested suspects and followed procedures.
  • Worked with the community on crime prevention.
  • Trained new officers on policies and procedures.

Notable Achievements:

  • Got recognized for good performance.
  • Solved a big burglary case.

How To Incorporate Skills For Police Officer Resume?

  • Choose and include the keywords that describe the skills and qualifications that the company is looking for.
  • List a mix of both types of skills to showcase your well-rounded skills.
  • Emphasize your skills to analyze information, evaluate risks, and make wise decisions.
  • Mention any specialized training or expertise in certain tools, programs, or equipment used by law enforcement that may be relevant to the position.
  • Include any extra languages that you speak fluently.

Important Police Officer Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Problem-Solving
  4. Leadership
  5. Integrity and Ethics
  6. Physical Fitness
  7. Teamwork
  8. Adaptability
  9. Cultural Competence
  10. Legal Procedural Knowledge

Hard Skills

  • Criminal law knowledge
  • Crime scene investigation techniques
  • Firearms proficiency and safety
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Traffic enforcement and accident investigation
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Search and seizure protocols
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Report writing and documentation
  • Knowledge of police software systems (e.g., RMS, CAD)

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Physical fitness
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Cultural competence
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution

Additional Sections To Improve A Police Officer Resume Training and Certifications

Certifications and Training: Any specialized training or certifications you have earned that are pertinent to law enforcement should be highlighted.
Awards and Honors: Include any honors or distinctions that you have won over your career in law enforcement.
Professional Affiliations: Identify your affiliations with any professional groups or law enforcement-related organizations.
Volunteer Work: Include a section outlining your volunteer experience if you have participated in community service or law enforcement-related endeavors.
Languages: Include any extra languages that you are proficient in, especially ones that are widely used in your community.
Professional Development: List any pertinent professional development initiatives and top law enforcement techniques.

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Police Officer Resume?

  • Aim your cover letter at a specific individual whenever you can, such as the hiring manager or the head of the recruiting department.
  • Consider mentioning how you discovered the job opening or why you are interested in working for the specific department or organization.
  • In the body of the cover letter, focus on demonstrating how your qualifications align with the requirements of the position.
  • Express your genuine enthusiasm for the role and the opportunity to serve as a police officer.
  • Highlight your ability to interact with diverse individuals, resolve conflicts, and build relationships within the community.
  • Emphasize your interest in the post and your readiness to attend an interview or offer more details in the concluding paragraph.

Prompts To Generate Resume In ChatGPT

To generate a resume we need to give specific prompts. You will get the desired results. Below are some prompts for every section to use while generating a Police Officer resume in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompt For Resume Summary

“Write a strong resume summary for a police officer resume.”

ChatGPT Prompt For Career Objective

“Write an effective resume objective for a police officer resume.”

ChatGPT Prompt For Work Experience Section

“Write a professional resume work experience for a police officer resume.”

“Quantifying your work experience for a police officer resume.”

ChatGPT Prompt For Skills

“Write the important skills for a police officer resume”

“Write hard skills for police officer resume”

“List of hard skills for police officer resume.”

“Write a professional resume soft skills for police officer resume”

“List of soft skills for police officer resume.”

ChatGPT Prompt For Additional Sections

“What are the additional sections to include in the police officer resume?”